Rigatoni Buttera

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Hot and Sweet Sausage (Pork, Water, Salt, Dextrose , Yeast Extract, Spices (Including Pepper and Fennel), Natural Flavor, Paprika), Rigatoni (flour, egg, water, salt), Peas, Heavy Cream, Plum Tomato, Crushed Tomato, Salt, Pepper

How We Got Here:

The Rigatoni is par cooked, cooled, and portioned. The hot and sweet sausage is crumbled and rendered. We slowly render the Italian sausage to remove the fat, caramelize, and bring out a sweet and subtle flavor. The tomato puree starts with fresh plum Jersey tomatoes, we then core, rough chop, and puree the tomatoes. Next we pass through a fine mesh strainer creating a smooth and bright tomato puree. The parmigiano reggiano is aged for 36 months and portioned. All the remaining ingredients are carefully prepped and packaged ready for you, the @Home Chef, to finish the dish. Enjoy!

Sommelier Doug Smith’s

Tasting Notes/Recommended Wine Pairings

Wine Recommendation: Emporium Appassimento (Total Wine $14.99)

Chef’s Rigatoni Buttera has the earthiness of the sausage, the texture of the rigatoni and the body of the heavy cream, blended with the tomato and famous Italian cheese; parmigiana reggiano. We selected a wine called Appassimento which is actually a process, not a grape or region.  Some of the grapes in the wine are dried in the Appassimento method which has been used in making the famous Amarone for years. The result is an incredible wine at an unbelievable price. Some of the finest values from Italy today are coming from the south. This blend of Primitivo (also known as Zinfandel) & Negroamaro grapes are from Puglia, which is the heel of the boot. By combining the ripe grapes from this region with the technique of the Veneto, it’s a unique combination that creates a special wine.

The appassimento process is a centuries-old winemaking method that was widely practiced throughout Mediterranean countries and little changed since ancient times. During harvest, the best grapes are selected to remain on the vine for an extended period, until each grape is dried out concentrating its taste and aromas of ripe fruit, spices and tobacco.

The recommended wine is Emporium Appassimento which features aromas of cherry, plum and cinnamon which work with the tomato based sauce and the flavors of dark fruits, spice, raisins and tobacco notes which work perfectly with the sausage and cheese.  The finish is long and the wine is complex and full of character with a great range and balance of bright fruit and savory flavors.