Kotopoulo Me Bamies


Chicken Leg, Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Paprika, Onion, Plum Tomato, Bay Leaf, Garlic, Okra, Barrel Aged Feta Cheese, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How We Got Here:

The chicken is simply seasoned with salt/pepper/oregano and seared skin side up in a cast iron pan. Once the bottom begins to color we flip to begin to cook the skin. We add diced onion, garlic, paprika, and diced tomatoes to the pan and begin to slowly cook the chicken. The okra is picked young, cleaned, and dipped in vinegar to help preserve the color. The acidity in the vinegar helps keep the okra from oxidizing. All the remaining ingredients are carefully prepped and packaged ready for you, the @home chef, to finish the dish. Enjoy!

Sommelier Doug Smith’s

Tasting Notes/Recommended Wine Pairings

Wine Recommendation: GWC Assyrtiko Santorini; Total Wine $19.99

There’s a philosophy that suggests that wine tastes better at its place of production – whether it’s a Riesling in the lovely Finger Lakes of NY or a Sangiovese in a Tuscan café.  But when enjoying Assyrtiko, no matter where you are, it will transport you to the stunning whitewashed houses and gorgeous sunsets of Santorini which is so popular with international tourists.  It’s hard to imagine that a dry volcanic island can produce such fine wines, yet here they are, loaded with citrus and apple aromas with crisp acidity and a hint of minerality (no doubt from its volcanic origins).  That combination of aromas and flavors matches really well with the sweet grassy flavors of the Okra.  The Feta cheese and spices are matched perfectly with the crisp acidity of the varietal.  If you enjoy the Assyrtiko, grab them now and enjoy them as it seems the tourist trade and associated infrastructure is pushing the vineyards away.  In fact the vineyards comprise only one third the land mass they held in the 1900’s. 

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