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Step 1:

  • Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking tray with parchment and spray with nonstick cooking spray (or oil). In a small bowl, crack an egg and beat with a fork until the yolk and whites combine.

Step 2:

  • Each disk is separated with thin layer plastic. Leave this layer on while building the empanada. It makes this process much easier. Place a disk of empanada dough onto the table. Brush all the edges with the egg wash. Take a heaping spoonful of filling and place in the center of the empanada disk. Press down the filling with your fingers so you are able to close the empanada.

Step 3:

  • Fold the empanada so the edges come together. Pinch shut with your fingers to create the initial seal. Remove the plastic layer. Return the empanada to the table, use a fork to press along the edges of the empanada (See below for additional folding/sealing methods). This helps seal the dough and also add a nice presentation to the empanada. Place the sealed empanada onto a parchment line baking tray and brush the top with the egg wash mixture. Repeat for as many empanadas as you want.

Step 4:

  • Transfer baking tray to the oven and bake for 8-10 minutes or until the empanadas are golden brown. Serve with the chili aioli. Enjoy!


Ground Beef, Egg, Oregano, Parsley, Onion, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Flour, Water, Red Pepper Flake, Red Onion, Red Bell Pepper, Butter, Scallion

How We Got Here:

The empanada dough is a puff pastry with flour, margarin, salt, and water. This disks rolled very thin multiple times creating layers which help let the dough rise in the oven. Each week our fillings change. Chef Lucas Manteca is always coming up with incredible empanada filings. Some of his classics have included corn and crab, Argentinean beef, cheesesteak, chorizo, BBQ pulled pork, Buffalo chicken, and many others. Follow our social media and website for up to date empanada offerings!

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